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About site

You get a complicated feeling when you come to the banks of this great river. On the one hand you have a wonderful silence inside yourself. But on another you have a desire to bring it out for the whole World, you want to act as I may say a mouthpiece of this silence. Those are somewhat contradictory feelings.

Internet is an amazing place which allows to spread whatever you want among people.

At the first place the site is intended for friends. For those who are able to collect the greatness of this river basin through scarce stories and photos. Who are the friends? Firstly all those who can feel cool breeze on the tips of their hands. This is all well described at sahajayoga.org web-site.

In the second place the site is ment for everyone who loves India. Also for those who have never been there and is unlikely to get there soon.

We wrote only about the places we have visited ourselves. And we described them in a way it was appealing for us. What is collected here is more of a travelers notes then of reference data.

We hope, that you will enjoy browsing through the site as much as we were enjoying while making it.

site's editor,
Maxim Belaynin.