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The small city Gangotri is wide-spread on the bank of Ganga, in 19 kilometers from the source of this sacred river. Gangotri is a typical tourist city. There are almost no residents (only seasonal worker in the shops), most of buildings are either hotels or shops with souvenirs or religious production.

The nature in this place is wonderful.

This city is the last inhabited locality before [Goumukh]. One can reach it on a bus or a car from Rishikesh. The way (more than 200 kilometers) takes more than 12 hours and goes through such cities as Chamba and Uttarkashi when one can make a small stop for shopping and rest.

In connection with building a big dam in Tehri, the road to Gangotri doesn't go through , the place, where officially Ganga starts (higher up the river is called Bhagirathi). To reach Devprayag one must travel 120 km more.

In Gangotri king Bhagirathi was praying to Shri Shiva. On this place the temple is build.

This how the river looks not far from the temple:

Another notable place in Gangotri is Suryakund. This place is located just bedore the shops.

Gangotri is located in 3 km above the sea level. If you are not used to this attitudes it will be hard to brief. So it is recommended to spend at least one day in Gangotri bedore ascent to [Goumukh].

As for me before I lived few months in Talnoo, a small vilage at a height of 2 km, so I was briefing in Gangotri with no problem.