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Allahabad: the great junction

In Allahavad two great indian rivers meat each other: Ganga (representing the left channel, Tamo guna) and Jamuna (right channel, Raja guna). But the city itself doesn't have any spiritual stamp which one can easily find in Himalayas or in Varanasi.

The city itself doesn't really worth mentioning. The junction place is situated in a few kilometers from it. One can reach it by riksha (50 rupees).

The junction place is not decorated or even comfortably arranged: no steps, nothing. Just wet steep coast and the river.

Boats are here for piligrim's convinience: for a small amount of money one can travel to the middle of the river and perform a ritual bath. From the very center of a junction it is not so easy to see where which river is flowing.

Once in 12 years there is a Kumbh Mela in Allahavad. Millions of piligrims go to Allahabad that time.

One can reach Allahavad via train from Delhi or on a bus from Varanasi (4 hours only).