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Rudraprayag: The confluence of Mahaalaknanda and Mandakini rivers

70 km above from Devprayag one can find Rudraprayag city in which two rivers - Mahaalaknanda and Mandakini - form the great Alaknanda river.

The Alaknanda river confluencing with the Bhagirathi forms the Ganga.

Rudraprayag is on the way to Kedarnath (the river along the Mandakini) and Badrinath (align the Mahaalaknanda).

The road from Devprayag to Rudraprayag takes approximitely 3 hours by bus..

There is a temple where the rivers meet. One can go down to the water to worship the holy place.

Rudraprayag is relatively a big city. Its larger than Devprayag.

This video is recorded in 2009: