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Colkatta (Calcutta)

Unlike Calcutta Devprayag, Varanasi, Allahabad are spitirually-oriented. Gangotri city, foe example, is build only to assist piligrims in their ascent towards Ganga source. But Calcutta (or Colikatta) is mostly on its own: it is a normal industrial city, capital of a big state. The Ganga here is more like a part of a landscape then a source of a city life.

Here you can see one of Ganga's arm, it is called Hooghly. The bridge over the river is built by britishes.

Ganga is worshipped here only in certain designated locations.

For a price of 4 rupees one can cross the river on a boat.

Colkatta is known by its Sati temple where Shri Mahakali svayambhu is placed.

Colkatta is connected with New Delhi via the railway. It takes 16 hours by express Rajdhani train.